Private Art Sculpture Office would like to thank you for your love and appreciation for the Catholic Holy Art.

From a dream of sending a heart to art through a Catholic image, in the past three decades we have been creating hundreds of statues that contribute to the passion for Christians all over the world.

Through agents throughout the country of Vietnam, we transfer to you the most quickly and smoothly the holy art works. Besides, some agents in France, Australia, USA, Korea, etc. are presenting our works.

Step by step development.

Beginning to compose in 1995, we composed 15cm, 20cm figurines used as gifts and displayed sacredly.

Loved by customers, we are happy to continue to create works of various sizes on materials: plaster, composite, cement and porcelain. Works with a size of 30cm to 70cm used for indoor altars and larger sizes for buildings and monuments.

In 2007, the Reverend Tran Dinh Tu, President of the Vietnamese Catholic Catholic Art Committee, presented us with the Memorial Prize as a spiritual gift for our constant contribution; and Copyright Office also grants Copyright to our works.

Each of our steps is directed towards beautifying the Catholic Holy Art. We hope you can contribute to us to improve and have many works worthy of your expectations.

Sincerely thank you!


– Gia Sculpture –

Contact address: 4/5/10 line 10, Kp2. P. Hiep Binh Chanh – Thu Duc District.
– Create samples of Catholic statues
Construction of monument works.
– Supplying wholesale and retail products with composite materials, Fiberglass.

Any questions please contact:

– Phone: (08) 3726 7177 – 0902 625 677

– Phone Director: 0909 536 553
– Email Director: dieukhacvanchuong777@gmail.com